Brake Repair: 3 Signs You Should Never Ignore

When it comes to car maintenance, it is essential to identify issues and address them because minor damages tend to worsen over time. One of the key areas you should focus on is the braking system. After all, brake failure isn't only scary, but it can lead to accidents and severe injuries or even death. For that reason, it's prudent to know the signs that your vehicle needs professional brake repair, as highlighted below.

1. Dashboard Brake Light Turning On

Most vehicles will display dashboard warning lights after starting the engine. Under normal circumstances, these lights are supposed to turn off after several seconds. However, if you notice that the brake warning light remains on when driving, you need to visit a professional brake repair service provider immediately.

A low amount of hydraulic oil is among the reasons the dashboard brake light won't turn off. The role of hydraulic fluid is to exert pressure on brake pads so that they come into contact with the wheels' metal disc (rotor) after you step on the brake pedal. For that reason, most car manufacturers install a sensor that detects low levels of hydraulic fluid, which is usually caused by leaks in the braking system. This is the reason why the dashboard braking light will turn on following a drop in hydraulic fluid.

2. Screeching Noises When Driving

Do your wheels make a squealing sound when driving? If yes, your brake pads most likely need replacement. As mentioned earlier, stepping the brake pedal presses the pads against a metal disc for the car to stop or reduce speed. This creates high friction, explaining why the brake pads start wearing out with time. In most cases, the brake pads make a screeching sound whenever they are in bad shape. Note that failure to have a brake repair technician replace the pads can severely damage the metal disc.

3. Shaking When Braking

Many reasons can cause shaking when braking. First, the brake rotors might be uneven due to corrosion or wear and tear. Fortunately, a seasoned brake repair can straighten the rotors to fix the problem and prevent the situation from worsening.

Secondly, shaking may be caused by loose lug nuts. That's why the nuts should always be installed in the correct order whenever the wheels are removed to avoid damaging brake components. Lastly, issues with the brake calipers can also cause vibrations when braking.

Wondering whether your car needs brake repair? If you have noticed the above signs of late, you need to visit an auto repair shop for timely brake repair services. Inspections and repairs will enhance safety and reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident.

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