How To Make A Trip With An Overweight Vehicle Less Stressful

After you have gotten your overweight vehicle permit, it is time to hit the road. However, while you have met your legal obligations, this does not mean that it will be smooth sailing from here on out because it can be challenging to drive an oversized vehicle.

Fill Your Vehicle And Tires Up

When driving an overweight vehicle, keep in mind that you will need to fill your vehicle up more. Overweight vehicles cause more air resistance, and this will reduce the fuel efficiency of your truck. Driving an overweight vehicle will also place more strain on the vehicle, and you will likely need to perform more maintenance. Due to the strain that an overweight load places on a vehicle, you should consider only hauling an overweight load whenever necessary. Also, it is important to fill your tires up more in proportion to the weight of your vehicle. 

Drive Safely And Follow The Rules

It is especially important to follow the rules of the road when driving with an overweight road. Do not speed. Also, make sure to leave yourself with plenty of time to speed up or slow down. Keep in mind that your vehicle is likely to handle very differently when going around corners. Provide yourself with plenty of space to reduce the risk that your car will collide with other vehicles. 

Use Blinkers As A Precaution

Use blinkers in order to signal to motorists when you are carrying a heavy load. This will allow for drivers to keep their distance, which can be useful when you struggle to slow down an overweight vehicle. In some states, there might be regulations regarding the indicators that you will need to use.

Have Your Papers Ready

Make sure to have an overweight auto permit with you at all times. If you are pulled over, you will need to present this to avoid any unnecessary delays or fines. You will also need to know all of the rules and regulations of any state you will be traveling through to avoid getting pulled over or facing any fines. For example, it may be required by law for you to have a pilot car to follow and a second pilot car following you. While it requires a lot more preparation in order to transport an overweight vehicle to a new destination, the preparations will lead to more safety and will make the trip less stressful.