Tips for Saving Money & Keeping Your Car Running with Used Auto Parts

Cars have been going to junkyards for years. At the end of their usable life, the car is often scraped and crushed but in recent years, junk yards have given way to auto recyclers. The benefit to you is that there are many used parts on the recycled cars and the price of buying them is lower than that of new parts. If you are on a tight budget, used auto parts are a great option to keep your car running and driving every day.

1. Buy Used Parts

When you are looking for a part for your car, calling several salvage yards for pricing is important. When you start dealing with used parts, you will likely find that one recycler is lower priced than another or that the availability is different from location to location. The types of cars they salvage, the level of inventory they hold, and the time it takes to get a part removed, inspected, and into your hands can vary greatly from one yard to another.

2. Know the Types of Parts Available

The reality is that almost anything can be recycled and salvaged from a car. I the car was running when it arrived at the salvage yard, then even the motor can be resold. Common parts resold at a salvage yard include start motors, alternators, engines, transmissions, body panels, glass, and even tires in some locations. Even small parts can be found at many yards but they may not inventory them so you may have to visit the yard and check the cars for the part you need.

3. Understand the Warranties and Guarantees

When you buy used parts you may not get a long warranty on the item but most yards will at least guarantee the part to work. If it doesn't, you can usually bring the part back and exchange it for another one. Most salvage yards have developed a system to check the parts before they pull them off the car and add them to the inventory but keep in mind, these are recycled parts. While the cost is lower, so is the risk of using them. You may only get a few months out of a used part but in most cases they last much longer and the cost savings may offset the risk.

4. Consider Buying Entire Cars

While the practice is becoming much more uncommon, there are still some yards that will sell you an entire parts vehicle if you want it. Keep in mind that they are going to want to sell it for the price of all the parts on it, though. Sometimes you can find a complete car that is worth the price if you need the parts for a project and the car is rare, just be prepared to pay a premium for it.   

For more information, contact a used auto part sales company.