Why College Students Should Get Compact Cars

As a college student shopping the cars for sale, you should consider the compact category. This category of cars is not popular for nothing; they have numerous advantages. Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy if you buy a compact car.

Inexpensive Ownership Costs

College education doesn't come cheap, so most college students don't need to saddle themselves with other expensive things such as expensive cars. Compact cars tend to have lower ownership costs relative to bigger cars.  This is because compact cars are relatively cheap to buy (especially in the used car segment), tend to have good gas mileage, attract low insurance premiums, and are also easy to maintain. Therefore, a compact car will not burn a hole in your pocket as you navigate your college life.

Easier Maneuverability

Another advantage of compact cars is that they are easy to maneuver. This is advantageous for those who are just starting college because they haven't been driving for a long time (assuming they are traditional students). Even packing compact cars is easier than packing bigger cars. This works well because the kinds of houses college students tend to occupy don't come with big packing spaces. This is especially true for college campuses in urban centers.

Ease of Resale

Few people own their college cars for very long. You may switch cars before you complete your college education or soon after graduation. In such a case, you will probably need to use the proceeds of the sale towards the purchase of the upgraded car. This means your college car should have a good resale value, and compact cars are easy enough to sell to have that tag.

Environmentally Friendly

Many college students are environmentally conscious and want to do everything possible to conserve the environment. If you are such a student, then you should know that compact cars are better for the environment than bigger cars. Sure, all cars do hurt the environment, but they do so to varying degrees. The resources that go into manufacturing compact cars plus their fuel efficiency mean they don't pollute the environment as much as bigger cars.

Not that compact cars are not all simple. There are luxurious, hybrid, electric, domestic, and foreign compact cars. This means you still have your work cut out for you to narrow down the exact compact car for you. Once you are done, head to a reputable dealership to secure your investment.